Sunday, July 24, 2011

4th of July 2011

Once again this year we took off over the plains, mountains and deseret, but this time to visit Steve, Erin and family with the newest member arriving just a week before Grandma got there. We brought with us some heat and humidity from the midwest since they had been lacking some. Grandpa didn't come until one week later after Grandma - but eventually we all got together and kept busy doing all sorts of things.

Grandmas first couple days were filled with walks and trips to the splash park where there were toys to climb on and water to play in.

Time to relax in the shade out on the back porch

play in the backyard pool

take a nap on the side of the pool

Then Grandpa came and Brock got out his list of chores of things that needed fixing

Of course some of the chores included playimg "horse" until Grandpa's knees got all worn out - so then we played "cars"

Such a good helper

Father and son had time to fix the handle on the dresser that had come loose

Then, of course, there were meals that had to be made with all the help needed to make fruit smoothy's

and all kinds of other goodies

after all that work we needed to turn on the sprinklers and run through them to cool down

While all the work and play was going on the newest member of the family needed to get her rest

and every once in awhile she would wake up to make sure we were all still around

Big Big sister and Big brother with baby sister

and it rained (monsoon season)

and 3/4 inch of rain filled the canals with raging waters

Bushes in the front yard were trimmed up

Then there was the cake that was made for the 4th of July

Then the decorations that were put up inside the house

more cooking

There was a bike to fix

and the final decoration of the cake

and of course the fireworks

We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

more fixing on the stairs

riding on the carousel

Picture taking time

Sister and Brother out on the back porch

The kids with Grandpa and Grandma